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Special Bitcoin Opportunity!!

There are so many BITCOIN opportunities out there. I am choosing to be very selective for a reason. I do not want you to get burned by SCAMS. Having been burned myself I have come to the following conclusion:

The Absolute and Ultimate Passive Income Bitcoin Business needs to meet the following criteria;

1.The "product" needs to be like a printing press that "legally prints/generates #Bitcoin every single day without you lifting a finger....Therefore total Passive Income.

2.The product needs to have tremendous potential to increase in value over time! #Bitcoin is a perfect example of this type of product. Besides its ups and downs it has increased in value by thousands of dollars. in the last few years.

3.The business needs to be something that anyone on earth can participate in. #Bitcoin is not specific to any country on earth.

4.The company needs to require ZERO skill and No technical ability to benefit from. (Ideally you want a company that simplifies the process of acquiring #Bitcoin.

5.There needs to be ZERO  requirement to ever refer someone or ever sponsor someone before you can begin to be paid.

6.The company needs to provide residual income every single day without monthly fees.

7.The affiliate/investor deserves the ability to to withdraw their earnings instantly any time, day or night... with no roadblocks or questions asked.

8.The more people use #Bitcoin the more widely accepted and valuable it will become. Since there will only be 20 Million #Bitcoins produced on the planet, this gives people an incentive to spread the #Bitcoin message, creating more #Bitcoin usage and acceptance. The program truly needs to have a Generous Compensation Plan for those who want to help their family and friends benefit from mining #Bitcoin too.

9.The company needs to generate  a daily residual income plan with little or no attention.

10.The company needs to be positioned in front of a large trend taking place in a multi-trillion dollar industry. Currency Trading is is an $8 Trillion a day business,

There is only one company that i am aware of that meets all these requirements: The BitClub Network! It was originally formed to crowd fund the purchase of a #Bitcoin transaction processor (a #Bitcoin mine). The goal of this company is to help the average person from all over the world to cash in on #Bitcoin now and in the future today.

I believe that the BitClub Network meets my criteria for a robust company with an excellent track record for the absolute Ultimate Passive Earning Income Machine as well as a compensation plan with very little effort. Pardon the metaphor.... But I believe that BitClub Network is the gold goose who lays the golden eggs.

By all means please do your due diligence about other #Bitcoin platforms and mining pools.#Bitcoin mining  pools such as or These sites are updated every 10 minutes. These pools put BitClub in the top 10  companies in global hashrate distribution and means that BitCub is amongst the world's largest mining pools. Unlike other mining pools BitClub's mining pool comes from its own miners within the community.

BitClub Network does have a brick and mortar building to mine it's blockchain and #Bitcoins. The main center is in Ieland and other places around the world.

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Anyway here is the free registration link.

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I hope you get as excited as I am. When I saw that a "smart money' businessman friend of mine jumped into this club... I HAD to check it out ...BECAUSE I KNEW it MUST be GOOD if HE joined. LOL!

Here is a link to a video:

Let me know if you want more videos or information.

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WOW!! Are you READY for BITCOIN ON STEROIDS? Join me NOW in the NEW GOLD RUSH OF THE 21ST CENTURY with the Global Revolution that combines the amazing power of BITCOIN with the unique strategies of mining. The miners in the gold rush wanted to find the motherlode (#Bitcoins) but they also need picks and shovels to find these mines. (We know where know where our mines are... we just need to keep these going!)

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