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Be a Diamond

Did you know that obstacles mean we are moving in the right direction? If we’re doing something BIG… then we need to overcome challenges, obstacles, and adversity. A diamond starts out as a lump of coal. And that lump has to undergo a tremendous amount of pressure in order to become that beautiful diamond. It […]


Your SUCCESS is not based on your ability. It is based on your Availability! If you are guiding people… the more available you are, the more trust you build. TRUST builds RAPPORT! Helping people is the name of the game. Building and strengthening relationships makes a BIG difference on every level. When I graduated from […]


Let’s talk about opportunities. Have you ever let an opportunity pass you by and then regretted it? I am guessing we all have. Just for starters…We NEVER know what each day will bring… So it’s important to tell someone you love them… because you might not get a chance to tell them again. My father, […]

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